Got an injury? Tackle the ememies that cause injury

  Some of us are born biomechanics nightmares!  I certainly was not a natural born runner and suffered many running injuries due to the way I ran. Here is a picture of me running, training for my first marathon.  Elbows sticking out, slouched shoulders and bending at the waist, and legs flying everywhere in different directions. Injuries waiting to happen. And yet I did manage to get to the finishing line of my first marathon and go on to run {Read More}

Why Run?

  The human body is so powerful and efficient for long haul trips, thats if cared for and given the right fuel for energy for it to thrive   The other day I got home at 2pm after being out running around doing my errands for the day. I must of run 16 kilometres or so all on the sidewalks of town, in and out of shops and humming along nicely at a speed that felt easy and free.   {Read More}

Running with Mars Bars, and Burgers are not for athletes

  Its was year 1999, Sunday 18th May.  The year I took up running and  the day I ran my first marathon,  On Mars Bars and Burgers!  I learned the hard way that this mix does not work well! Let me explain For years, I was a bleached blonde beer drinking drunk, a smoking engine and a party animal! A woman who loved to flirt with the fella’s, and end up with one night stands most nights, and hooked on {Read More}

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