Is nature and you distant friends? Nature heals your body, mind and soul

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Nature can heal and provide for our wellbeing but we seem to have forgotten her.

Us humans have living all wrong and we are making ourselves ill and depressed in the process.

The problem and cause of this is that most of us live most of each day indoors and we are not designed to live this way. We originated living in nature and survived living off natures resources. 

Today, we wake up indoors in a box made of concrete or other material, we travel inside man-made vehicle, and then go inside another building to work. At lunch we generally stay indoors in a cafe inside the building we are in, or we go out and sit indoors in a cafe or restaurant.

If we do go outside it’s usually to a man-made artificial park or green area with minimal nature, just a few birds and some butterflies, a few ducks in a man-made pond.

As a child I spent heaps of time outdoors and I suspect you did too. But as adults we have succumb to being indoors for long periods of time breathing in the same air that has been re-circulated again and again. 

With the majority of the time spend in doors we are in control of our lives, we can govern how our environment to our satisfaction, but insufficient time spent in real nature, woods and forest or mountains, is a recipe for dis-ease, depression, obesity and a short painful life.

How to really experience nature and all her healing powers.

We often forget when in nature that we in another world which asks us to be present in the moment and be with her and to surrender to her healing.

As we take time out to visit nature and walk on her trails we may not notice that we also have taken in with us, our controlling minds and our busy lives with us. We talk on our cell phones or chat loudly to one another, or look down on the ground in deep thoughts and walk briskly as though still in the busy towns.

We have not noticed that we in fact we are in another world completely, a world run by different sets of order and meaning that is full of beauty, colour and abundant messages to slow down. 

May be if we were to slow down we would hear the many sounds of natures call.
Like the friendly and joyful chipping of the Fantail birds as they jump and fly around effortlessly gathering insects, or the colourful Woodpecker who just flew on to the path in front us, looking at us with its gorgeous eyes, or the wind twisting and moving amongst the tree branches, and buzzing insects and the soft flutter of a butterfly.

Nature colourful Kingfisher

If we were to stop and cast our view upwards amongst the many leaves and branches of threes and foliage and breath, we would capture the essence of peace and calmness that would shift us from stress of our daily lives to a place of tranquility and feeling of ease.

Nature tall swaying trees

Once we are aware and notice our shift of our presence in nature, we can start to relax, surrender and enjoy the present moment and move into an openness and listening, soaking up the magic of what nature brings us, and respecting nature for its generous and loving ways it heals us inside.

Nature is consistent in her gifts of abundance in all forms.

She can calm us, quieten our minds, fill us with the joy of her beauty, her undergrowth is full of living creatures and a maze of woven colour, full of flowers, different coloured green stems, bushes and plants. 

Nature ask’s us to empty our thoughts and emotions into her arms, so she can sweep them away. 

Nature is full of love, unconditional love for all. There is no judgements, no telling us we are not good enough, no feelings of regret, but nature embraces our minds with healing vibes that refresh and uplift us to keep going, to smile and rejoice in life. 

As we return to nature for her healing and abundance of life, we can brush away our toxic lifestyles and harsh thoughts that do not serve us and clear out our heads to return to a positive mental and physical balance.  

The more we connect with nature, the more we can naturally raise our energy vibration and allow ourselves to connect within, to our real authentic selfs. 

From just one walk on the forest trail, no matter how long, you will be rewarded with gifts from nature. 

nature winding trail

Slowly walking being aware of every moment with nature, noticing the birds and their song, noticing the different forms of trees, noticing the falling leafs and twigs, noticing the breeze in your hair, and noticing the faithful beat of your own heart, will get you back in touch with the real you, unique, special and worth treasuring.

So when you feel down, when you feel lost, when you feel unworthy and think life is one big struggle, think nature. Head towards her healing hands and allow to be rocked in her magical healing touch, nothing else can compare with.

Most of all, nature reminds us of our smallness and whispers to us to go deep inside to touch part of ourselves we have forgotten or never knew existed, our quieter, loving, peaceful soul.

The way nature heals

Relaxes your mind, and revitalise and energise your body

Our bodies need energy to be healthy and by being in nature will its different forms of light energy is medicine to our bodies and mind.

Being outside in nature naturally causes you to relax and distress as the natural environment helps to focus and centre your mind.

The abundant presence, something much more vast that has never ending beauty, makes your mind go in a daydream state and so the mind needs less energy to function.  

Being in fresh air amongst vegetation in an unpolluted environment will improve your blood pressure and the quality of oxygen is higher so your blood with be purified.


Nature sunshine on meadow

Sunlight will increase your Vitamin D supply from the sunlight hitting your skin, so ensure you have bare arms and legs when outdoors even in winter, if you are wrapped up warm around your centre core of the body, a warm hat over your head and warm shoes, you will not freeze. Just enjoy the energising rays of the sun.

Keep that sun protection off your skin as it blocks the healing rays of the sun as it produces a layer of scum on your skin that blogs your pores and you skin suffocates, also its full of nasty chemicals. 

Use Coconut oil instead as it does not clog your skins pores and allows the skin to breath. It is pure and natural, and fast way to get a suntan as it gives your skin all the goodies it needs to be supple and radiant. 

Nature feeds your soul.

Nature sounds

Nature sounds are healing therapy.  By surrounding yourself with real nature, wildlife and natural vegetation, you will reduce your stress levels and blood pressure, low your heart rate and deepen your breathing to the rhythm of nature.

Sit, rest and meditate to sounds of nature.

Sit on a rock or log, close your eyes and listen. Listen for the sounds of birds, insects, the wind blowing, if near the ocean, here the sound of waves and splashing of waves against the shoreline. 

Feel the touch of the breeze on your skin, feel the you heart beating and follow your breath.

Stay focused and remain silent and listen to all the whispers of the trees, the vegetation and grasses, soak up all of nature that surrounds you.

Now open your eyes. And slowly look around you. Do you feel your senses have come alive and do you see a difference in the colour and appearance of where you are in more detail? The colours are more vivid, you see more wildlife and the various plants you never noticed before you closed your eyes.

Start to walk and find a piece of grass or soft ground to lie on. Don’t worry about the visits of ants or other insects, they are not bothered about you and nor should you be bother about them. 

Just lie and be still and really feel the ground below you. Feel the solidness of what you are lying on. You feel grounded and secure and be able to come out of your meditative relaxing state a less worried and anxious person.

Beautiful healing colours

Colours of nature are vibrant.  Colours in nature are formed by various wavelengths of light that shine on your eye retina that your brain will transfer over as the colours you see.

Colours themselves are healers, each type of nature colour you see stimulates your brain to be active and this will increase your focus, clarity and intellect. 

Take a moment to really take in the vivid colours and let those colours penetrate into your mind, body and soul.

You will become a more happier vibrant and intelligent person compared to someone who has become dull, in looks and personality, who spends all the time indoors.

Movement and exercise

When you are in nature you are either walking, running, biking or swimming if you happen to cross a river or be near the sea, and this environment you are in is peaceful, relaxing and breathtaking beautiful.

Taking time to notice and become aware the abundant of beauty of nature and negotiating the many ups and downs and winds of the paths and trails you walk on or the temperature and feel of the water you are swimming in, noticing the many forms of vegetation, creatures and wildlife, your exercise becomes fun and time slips away. 

Your realise at the end of your exercise, that you have been immersed in another world and naturally feel wonderful inside. Your body has had a huge drop of natural medicine, fresh clean unpolluted air and felt the wonders of different textures, smells and sounds of nature. 

Microbes and Bacteria

We live in a safety world fearing of disease and infections. We bombarded with all sorts of antimicrobial soaps and drugs to kill microbes and pathogens  in our environment and food. Not all microbes though gives us illness, there certain microbes that are important for our health.

And did you know that sunlight and fresh air in real nature is a natural disinfectant as many germs lingering in the atmosphere that cause airborne infections cannot tolerate sunlight. 

Being out in real nature you are exposed to loads of different living microbes found in earth, moss laden ponds and rivers, in the grass and hanging on the plants and trees. Most of these living things are invisible to the human eye and they live not only in nature, but on us and in us, and we cannot live without them.

These important microbes help with our digestion of food, help our skin to stay healthy, and protect us from the harmful microbes that cause illness.

Activities such that involve digging up dirt, such as gardening or being in dirt when you are outdoors amongst mud and wet soils are full of microbes that help with our brain health to reduce anxiety and stress causing chemicals.

When outside kids love to play in the dirt, swim in rivers and get generally filthy with mud and bits and pieces of nature on them, and when they get home they full of roses faces and happy smiles. As we get older we loose this sense joy in our hearts of needing pure honest fun and play with mother nature, and we loose out big time of the healing that nature gave us.

Natures Bio-energy and Phytonutrients

The body uses and generates electricity and this Bio-energy is the energy source of the body that keeps you alive. Also, the body generates electromagnetic energy, this energy is called Chi by the Chinese and it has many other names.

Chi comes from the sun, the earth and the moon and stars and the air that surrounds us.

Nature and is plants absorb this Chi energy from the sun and then transfer this to its fruits and leafs of the plants. So when we eat plants and fruits picked from nature we digest this beautiful healing Chi energy and it goes straight to our cells giving us that vital energy we crave and keeps us alive with health and vitality. 

This bio energy of living plants and trees vitalise and recharge our bodies so being in nature everyday and physically touching and spelling, and eating what nature provides, will ensure you are getting all the goodness from nature and be living a healthy energetic life.  

It will also de-age you as being in nature and consuming her foods detoxes you inside and the body is able to rebuilt itself with this pure life-giving energy.

So when out in nature, walk barefoot in the earth and even in the mud! Enjoy being a kid and have a mud fight. Give a tree a hug, smell the roses and any flower and touch it, touch the leaves of the plants as you goes by, pick some fruit such as raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, and other wild edible fruit. Chew on the edible leaves of plants. Here in New Zealand we have wild Kawakawa, Dandelion, Nettle, Chickweed, Plantain, and Burdock, and many others. 

To ensure you avoid poison plants search online for a book on edible plants in your country.

Also, in New Zealand we are gifted with heaps of figs, plums, peaches and wild edible fruits of all kinds, I am always finding on my nature walks and runs plenty of gorgeous fruits and nuts to keep me going for weeks or even months! 

I suspect there are plenty of fruits, nuts and edible plants in summer where you are if you are willing to roam the tracks and enjoy a good walk.  Even in winter there are many nut and fruit varieties that are unknown because people are not willing to roam and have fun searching for food in nature. 

It’s a joyful exercise you can do any time of year. This fun rummaging or foraging makes your walk not only more enjoyable but provide you with healthy delicious food too.

Nature provides free nutritious food, all we have to do is pick it and say thanks and be grateful for her never ending abundance supply.

It’s time to go back to nature to find ourselves again.

If we want to live a happy healthy life, we must go back to nature and live with her, absorb her and also give back and love her.

Nature is our friend and is always whispering to us to live with her and accept her generosity and never ending abundant resources.

She teaches us to live by the seasons, be content with natural beauty, drink plenty of water, be peaceful and go with flow, be willing to grow and expand, and keep grounded to the earth for that is where the nutrients are to keep us living vibrant and energised lives.

How will you ensure you are getting enough of natures healing?

How will you live with nature?

How can you give back to nature and become friends with her?

Let me know in the comments you are enjoying or will enjoy nature, as she is precious.

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