Natures Abundance, your ticket to peace, healing and health

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Sunset over the tulip field at the park Volcji Potok

Sunset over tulips

Nature is consistent in her gifts of abundance in all forms.

She can calm us, quieten our minds, fill us with the joy of her beauty, her undergrowth is full of living creatures and a maze of woven colour, full of flowers, different coloured green stems, bushes and plants. 

Nature ask’s us to empty our thoughts and emotions into her arms, so she can sweep them away. 

Nature is full of love, unconditional love for all. There is no judgements, no telling us we are not good enough, no feelings of regret, but nature embraces our minds with healing vibes that refresh and uplift us to keep going, to smile and rejoice in life. 

As we return to nature for her healing and abundance of life, we can brush away our toxic lifestyles and harsh thoughts that do not serve us and clear out our heads to return to a positive mental and physical balance.  

The more we connect with nature, the more we can naturally raise our energy vibration and allow ourselves to connect within, to our real authentic selfs. 

From just one walk on the forest trail, no matter how long, you will be rewarded with gifts from nature. 

Slowly walking being aware of every moment with nature, noticing the birds and their song, noticing the different forms of trees, noticing the falling leafs and twigs, noticing the breeze in your hair, and noticing the faithful beat of your own heart, will get you back in touch with the real you, unique, special and worth treasuring.

So when you feel down, when you feel lost, when you feel unworthy and think life is one big struggle, think nature. Head towards her healing hands and allow to be rock in her magical healing touch, nothing else can compare with. 


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Mentoring shy, spiritual, health and fitness orientated women to a state of superior health and wellbeing, so that they can ooze with confidence, energy and vitality, being able to accept and love herself, her body, and all her “so called” flaws with passion and joy. I do this by equipping women the knowledge of superior nutrition for long-term health and be free of everyday illness, how to exercise in an enjoyable, easy injury-free way. How to connect with their real self and be guided by their internal guidance that allows them to be free of fear, shyness and low-self love.

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