Taking a moment to review your posture for the new year

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Entering into a new year most people set new year resolutions and promises to themselves to be healthier, fitter or what ever their major goal is to live  happier fulfilling lives. 

But usually most slip back to their previous selfs without making a real positive change in their lifestyle.

Why is this?  

The main reason is because they have either a negative attitude towards life or damaging limiting thoughts, beliefs, habits or behaviours that are causing resistance towards a positive change in life.

To ensure that your efforts to make a positive change in life are fruitful, review your current lifestyle and how you carry yourself each day; your current attitude towards life, the state of your internal emotions and your way you carry your body plays a huge significant part on your emotional state and your attitude towards life. 

The word Posture means several things:

Your body posture stance; how you hold your body; 

Do you have a tall upright but relaxed posture that portrays positivity, happiness, confidence and self-esteem? Or do have a posture that is collapsed and portrays a negative, scared and worried look about you?

Your approach and attitude towards life;

How do you make sense of your life experiences? How do you see the world? What is your viewpoint or perception of reality?

Your mental or spiritual attitude towards life;

How do you emotionally act towards life? Do you have stable emotions and internally feel powerful and strong? Or do you suffer internal weakness and vulnerability and have unstable emotions?

These three definition areas of posture are not separate but connected with each other. 

There are many studies that there is a link between specific patterns of body posture movements to specific emotions we feel and act towards life. 

Your three areas of posture, as described above, is a holistic approach towards ensuring your body, heart and mind are all working together to empower you to live a more confident happier life. This gives you an inner knowing and awareness that you are in control of how you look, act and feel and therefore make changes to your life easier.

To ascertain where you are at with your posture towards life, start by feeling how your physical and energetic posture changes to the world around you.

When are open, relaxed, welcoming and expansive and ready for what ever life brings you? 

When do you feel weak and vulnerable, and recoil inwards feeling like you need to cave in and disappear?

Notice in each situation how your posture is. 

If you feel weak and vulnerable you will probably notice you have snooping shoulders and a downward look, try straightening your posture from the crown upwards and relaxing into the tall posture by relaxing your shoulders and smile. 

Really feel the ground under your feet by placing them solidly, the whole foot, on the ground, and imagine you are part of the earth, mother nature in all her natural strength and wisdom. 

From this grounded, taller and prouder posture stance you have a wider expanded view of the world about you and will be able to see things you never noticed before as your body senses become more alive.

You may notice how your attitude to your life previously before having a taller grounded posture, was negative and that you carried your body around like it was a heavy object and your inner world was a struggle of negative feelings and emotions. 

You may also notice now with this new view of the world your attitude towards life has become more positive and upbeat, and there will most likely be a new sense of inner confidence to face whatever is making you are feel down and begin to make plans to change your lifestyle with a stable positive attitude and be able to tackle inner emotions more effectively.

Our Bodies are made of energy 

Do you suffer from unstable emotions and an internal feeling of weakness and vulnerability towards life?

Do you have a negative view or perception of the world?

Or are you feeling positive, balanced, open and expansive towards life?

As mentioned, your posture shows everything about you, how you see the world, what you believe in and how your view yourself.

But we are more than our bodies, attitudes and emotions, we are also made of energy.

Your body absorbs energy and beliefs from all the people you have been in contact with since your were born. 

Usually we carry harmful negative or limiting beliefs that rule are world, and they usually come from our parents or from people who have been an authority or influence in our lives.

These beliefs that are anchored inside of us and become our core beliefs of how we should live our lives and how we view ourselves. These core beliefs are so powerful as they attract other thoughts and beliefs that help the core belief become a controlling factor in our lives.

Thats why these core beliefs are very hard to change.

As we identify ourselves with these limiting and negative thoughts and beliefs and so our bodies reflect the exact image of them. 

For an example, if you have suffered a traumatic event or childhood where you were a victim of abuse and bullying the way you act, look and feel will reflect outwards through the body; a sad and worried look on the face, slopping shoulders and lowered head and a reserved and insecure personality.

These core beliefs when negative change our energy inside of us by disempowering it and blocking its flow, and it becomes stagnant and low vibrating. This reflects in us through our actions and how we go about daily life.

Your posture stance reflects what kind of energy you are reflecting outwards to the world around you. 

A collapsed body will reflect a collapsed spirit and give out a negative low vibrating energy. If a you live a life of consistent negative feelings and emotions based on fear and worry your bodies posture will gravitate to a collapsed look of being the victim of life. 

But its opposite when you are happy, positive and feeling secure in life, you walk proud and channel outwardly a high vibrating energy.

Look at your photos and pictures of you and see of either the past or future and you will see your posture changes to the circumstances you are going through at that time. 

Clearing emotional blocked energy from the body

List out all events that put you down and you still remember, feel the emotion and pain on what the story evokes but do not stay there.

You are a creative so you can change this.

Put arm around yourself or other and say (emotional understanding) and say:

“I am sorry you have been going through these traumas and circumstances, and know how you are feeling, (lesson) but trust in your intuition and guidance within and take yourself out of your comfort zone and into new ground of self courage and transformation”

Take 3 deep breaths with your hand over your heart area, and ask for forgiveness (forgiving your self releasing you from guilt) and the strength to have trust and faith to change.

“I now forgive myself, and have faith and trust in my ability and power to change this negative emotion into a positive emotion by simply letting go of it. I now let go of the past and the negative emotion attached to it. I visualise a black cloud over my head dispersing and floating away in the wind. It has now gone and replaced blue skies and sunshine. Now feel lighter and happier.”

This exercise connects you with your body, as your body is part of you and is your vehicle to experience what ever you choose in life. 

You have the power to decide to choose what ever you want to experience just by connecting with your body and embedding a new thought and belief.

To empower you more, we have challenges in life to propel us to new levels of being but a negative experience is easier to believe instead of positive moments because they are painful.

But we learn from negative and painful experiences rather than joyful moments as they bring lessons to us we need to learn and to avoid them causes us to suffer even more.

View your negative and painful experiences in life as a message that has been sent to you for your to move to a better place, a road that is meant for you rather than the one you are on now.

Being disconnected with our bodies can cause sickness


Do you suffer body aches and pains, a feeling of consistent discomfort in area of your body that just won’t go away?

Chronic pain, discomfort and illness can be removed and reversed just by being connected to our bodies.

Tuning into your body will keep you on guard for any bubbling issues the body is struggling with that could lead to illness or disease.

We spend most of our life’s disconnected from our bodies and wish we didn’t have a body as we hate the way we look and how our bodies feel. 

We do not notice that we are ill until the body sends you messages that it’s struggling, and this can be either a simple cold or the flu, or even a dreaded disease of body. 

This is when we get a feeling of being hit over the head and crumble, surrendering to symptoms of illness and wake up from our ignorance of disowning our body.

Sometimes we leave it too late and an injury of the body is never checked by a doctor until it become’s severe enough to cause pain and inflammation. You head to the doctors asking for help to overcome it and are automatically subscribed drugs to overcome the acute intense symptoms of the illness.

But, these acute symptoms are just a way for your body to send you feedback, signals to get you to be aware that something is not working properly.

This prompting by the body occurs to let you know and take notice that there is something you are doing in your lifestyle is causing disorder in your body. 

Our body signals and whispers to us all day and everyday. 

Your aches and pains are your bodies way to say something is wrong with your lifestyle or part of it. It’s your inner wise self, your intuition telling you something needs to change in your life. 

Either you are suffering from a bad relationship, an unhealthy environment, you are in a job you hate, or your eating habits have fallen into bad habits, usually due to unhappy life circumstances. 

Your mind is very powerful and what you belief will govern how you live. For instance, a feeling of feeling a victim from a past event will keep you locked in a core belief of suffering, and negative emotions from this event get stuck in your body and cause havoc. 

This manifests in to negative emotions and feelings of uneasiness or discomfort somewhere in the body.

Where these negative emotions lie in the body varies with each person, for me they always reside in my stomach area and I suffer badly from digestive issues where my stomach protrudes like I am pregnant!  As soon as this happens I know that something is wrong and I need to address it to cure the symptoms.

Stuck negative emotions cause unwanted symptoms of illness.

These feeling of uneasiness or discomfort comes from your intuition that something is not quite right about your situation of life. 

The key is to identify where these areas are by tuning into your body and where there is discomfort.

Connect with your body and your inner wise self, your intuition for guidance.

It’s having a caring mind heart and soul and tapping into your inner wise self, the deep spiritual you inside, you are born with it, authentic deep spark that alls knows whats right, for you and your body, your greatest friend and loves you. 

it whispers to you as your intuition

It’s the healer within you. When anything is out of balance in your life, your body is the first to give your signals and messages to tell you so.

When you self heal from the core of being by healing and nourishing your mind, your emotions with positive thoughts, beliefs and empowering actions of self love, you can heal your body of aches, pains and even illness, you can heal the past and you can disperse any negative stagnant energy in your body that is preventing you from making positive changes in your life..

So listen, take notice of the messages your inner wise self is sending you, that gut feeling of knowing what is right, take that path, heal your mind and emotions, be seen for your true self, the real you, and heal all of you at the same time.

If you neglect your physical body and don’t give it what it needs to thrive, by doing so, you are neglecting yourself and not loving the whole of you.  Self-love and compassion for your self is the key to avoid anxiety, sadness, depression and even anger. 

No one else is going to take care of your body. It is your responsibility to own it, love it and take care of it and in return it will it will give you all the joy, energy and vitality you long to have.

When we don’t take care of our physical selves through ensuring we have a best posture in life, eating healthy nourishing food, exercise daily, and keeping aware of when we need healthcare, we are actually hating ourselves and this leads to unhappiness and we do not live peacefully. 

Consider spending time each day to connect with your body and listen and be aware of where in your body that feel’s pain, discomfort or not quite right.

Stop and listen to what your bodies need to be healthy and comfortable. That can be either to rest, sleep or stop eating unhealthy foods, or even being aware of your environment and how it effects your body and yourself.

Your body will tell you what is good for it, if you just listen and become aware of how you feel.

Doing this, leads to a healthier you and higher state of well being. 

We can meet all our needs and still treat and love our bodies with loving, nurturing care.  

The body is your vehicle for why you are here on mother earth and by taking care of it you have a much more pleasurable experience.

Start with analysing your posture towards life. Look at your posture from all the three angles of looking at posture; how your carry your body, how you view of the world and knowing what you internal emotional state is.

From there you have a starting ground to help towards making positive changes towards a happier and healthier life.

Over to you.

What is your posture like? Do walk around with a positive proud posture that shows you are happy to be you? Or is it the opposite?

Are you aware of your body posture in terms of your attitude towards life?

What is your attitude towards life, positive and welcoming or on the negative side? Do you know how to change your negative view?

Do you suffer with emotional stuff from the past? How do you overcome this yourself or do you struggle?

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About Jane Manthorpe

Mentoring shy, spiritual, health and fitness orientated women to a state of superior health and wellbeing, so that they can ooze with confidence, energy and vitality, being able to accept and love herself, her body, and all her “so called” flaws with passion and joy. I do this by equipping women the knowledge of superior nutrition for long-term health and be free of everyday illness, how to exercise in an enjoyable, easy injury-free way. How to connect with their real self and be guided by their internal guidance that allows them to be free of fear, shyness and low-self love.

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Michael Knouse

This is such great information, Jane. And I love the powerful questions that you ask. I recently learned that our body posture can significantly affect our mental and emotional posture as you say. It’s also been scientifically proven that enhancing just our body posture will significantly increase testosterone and significantly decrease cortisol in as little as 2-minutes. Your article is such a powerful reminder that posture on all levels is so important and they all affect one another. Thanks for sharing your great wisdom + knowledge. It’s always so good!

Great post as always, Jane. I love the topic of posture and how it’s not just our physical posture, but our spiritual and emotional posture too. Everything is connected! I strongly believe that our body’s pain and symptoms are its way of telling us something that’s going on internally, an energy block/resistance that’s keeping us from our best life. So being aware of all of this is very important. I’m a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and how our attitude really attracts the same energy back toward us. It provides a sense of responsibility to ourselves, that we… Read more »

Ugh, I’ve got backache right now. Bending over a laptop all day. Making this a priority to work on in 2016!


Ugh, I’ve got backache right now. Bending over a laptop all day. Making this a priority to work on in 2016!


This reminded me of the work that Amy Cuddy did. She’s a researcher who found that “high power” or “low power” poses people take on in their body language actually effects their hormones. High power poses increased testosterone and decreased cortisol. Cool stuff!


Thank you for this insightful post and sharing so generously as always! It helps me to stop and think about my posture not only from a health perspective but also as a means of communicating to others. Really great takeaways, thank you Jane!


Great post. Definitely a lot of food for thought. I do find that when I don’t feel great my posture is the first to be affected but didn’t think that my posture could affect my body. I’m learning something new everyday! Thanks!


It’s true that posture (and mindset) are very important for physical and mental health. But you can’t cure or avoid all illness that way. I deal with a lot of health issues but they’re caused by both internal and external factors. Good posture wouldn’t have stopped that tick from biting me, but it’s the only body I have. I’m responsible for the upkeep, but I can’t fix it alone, if at all. Part of my healing process is feeling good enough about myself to ask a doctor for that help, and keep asking for it.


It’s interesting that I always find myself feeling much better when I stand up straight as in good posture. It really does do a body good…from the inside out. Thanks for a great post with lots to think about.

So true that the only one who will take care of my body is me! And it is the only body I will ever have. I’ve been working toward loving my body more for the last 2.5 years. I’m finally giving it the exercise it needs and treating it with respect. Regarding posture, that’s very interesting. The women in my family end up with forward leaning necks and bump on their upper backs. I’ve been working to counteract that tendency for my whole life. But I hadn’t thought about the inner issues that get passed down from one generation to… Read more »

Wow Jane, such a wonderful post. I have always been a bit shy and lack confidence but I have always been told that my posture exudes confidence 🙂 I make a point of “shoulders back, head high” especially when I feel a bit down. I absolutely believe that aches and pains are a signal that something is wrong emotionally. My aches and pains tend to make me think more about what’s going on in my head and heart before anything else. They are a reminder that I need to take notice and take better care of myself.

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