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Are you a shy, sensitive, health-conscious woman?

Do you suffer from anxiety, low self-love and confidence?

Do you yearn to be healthy and fit, free of illness and injury, oozing with self-confidence and self-esteem, and loving your body’s shape and how you look?

But you feel anxiety and worry on how you look to others, and scared to reveal your true self in fear of rejection.

This might be because of a number of reasons; you suffered a past event that caused trauma in your life, or you suffered a bad illness or injury that made an impact on you, or your childhood upbringing caused insecurity and fear in your life.


You may have felt this all your life or it’s recent and gradually getting worse. 

Does this resonate with you?

May be you are here because you are a passionate health-conscious active woman who has a big desire to be in a superior state of health inside and out, and be active and fit.

You long to love your body and express with confidence the real you with radiance and confidence. 

You are curious and interested on how to live a natural holistic way of life, and are on a journey to find true body, mind, emotional and physical well-being,

free from regular illness and injury. 

But you are lacking self-confidence due to being overweight or disliking your body shape, maybe struggling with food issues and long to be loving your body and yourself.

And suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety of revealing your true self to the world due to worrying what others think of you or you.

Deep inside you know that your health must take top priority, for you to be able to live a life free of regular illness and injury, and are willing to take your health and well-being in your own hands, and be totally responsible, passionate and eager to do what it takes to fully obtain a superior state of health and wellbeing you desire.

What every reason you are here, welcome, you are in the right place.

But don’t worry you are not alone. 


I too suffered severe shyness, low-self esteem and anxiety for many years and experienced a negative self-love hate relationship with my body, and was not able to express the real me with any confidence. 

My health Journey

In my young childhood and teenage years I was bullied and teased because of my sensitivity and lack of confidence, and became a peoples pleaser to help me feel like I was part of a group of “so called friends”.

As I got older I turned to alcohol, smoking and drugs to help me feel confident, as these substances made me act braver than I actually was. 

I had many years living a stressful toxic lifestyle, working at a career I hated and eating unhealthy food to comfort my sadness and insecurity, and had a non-existent exercise regime.

Due my unhealthy lifestyle I experienced several major illnesses and uncertain times where I was taken out of my comfort zone to find a solution to overcome my illnesses through my own research, as the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. 

I found the holistic way of healing the body by going on a toxic clearing cleanse that gave me a path to recovery. Afterwards I started a healthy holistic lifestyle of raw living foods which gave me energy and vitality, and ensuring I was living away from other toxins in all products I used for my body. This holistic lifestyle has help me cure severe illnesses and I have lived a life free of illness and injury for years.

With this higher level of health and wellbeing, I now have a better relationship with my body. I love and respect my body, fully accepting how it looks and feels. 

The joy my body gives me through the energy and vitality I feel, and the lovely sense of well-being I experience daily, allows me to feel confident about myself and my shyness and anxiety have decreased considerably.

By using various tools and techniques to help connect within, I was able to tap into my life values; what truely makes me happy and brings me joy. This gave me a peace inside from my previous fear of not knowing who I really was and feeling lost on my life direction.

Of course I have bad days where I feel low or unsure about myself, and negative kicks in, but on these days I have the tools and techniques that get me back to a state of love for myself and my body, and positive thinking. I sometimes still fall prey to shyness or fear of expressing the real me, but by being superiorly healthy and having a inner connection to my authentic real self inside, I can manage these times.


I am able to accept and love myself, my body, and all my “so called” flaws and to express myself with confidence.

I say “so called” flaws as really we are unique and we have no flaws, we are just different from one another and this is special not a flaw in our makeup. We have no imperfections. It’s only our eyes that detect flaws that really do not exist. 

The best part is I was able to connect inside to my true self and essence as I became a clear channel to hear inner guidance, messages from my true self and be lead by my intuition. I soon got to know this inner guidance was always the best path for me to follow and these lead to a new level of happiness within me. 

I was able to express loving kindness to myself and fully love myself deeply, forgiving myself when I failed and giving myself daily love with ease, as I knew I was unique and special. I felt an inner bliss and this started to radiant outwards to others. 

This feeling is so great when you tap into your own personal power of love for yourself, others seem to gravitate towards you with love for you too.

I want to guide you on how you too can feel this way too and be able to connect to your true authentic self that is waiting for you to connect. 

Why I set up Happy Healthy Fit Woman

I want to reach as many self-conscious, shy, insecure and health-conscious women as possible, just like you, to empower you to a state of superior health and welling, knowing how to love yourself and your body, and feel confident to express who you really are with pride.

My intention is to guide you to become happy confident healthy women by fully loving and accepting yourself, and living to your full potential as a unique woman with gifts that everyone should experience, because your are special, just like me.

Based on the holistic lifestyle and spiritual connection, I can guide you with tools, techniques and guides to help you to: 

How to connect with your true authentic self inside, so you can be guided from your intuition and find the best life path for you.

Know how to love and accept your body and yourself, increasing your confidence of expressing the real you.

How to eat healthy for a superior state of health, fitness and well-being, removing the instances of illness and injury.

Know how to exercise in an injury-free enjoyable way to get fit, and is kind and supports the health of your body. 

Know how how to live a healthy toxic free life that supports your long-term health and wellbeing

When you have the power and knowledge of how to connect to the true authentic you and live a happy healthy life, you can fully love yourself and body, and be able to express your true self with joy and pride.

You will know deep within that you are unique and special just as you are, and there is no reason to change yourself in anyway to please others. When this happens, you radiate out with superior confidence and self-esteem, and inner happiness.

When you make yourself a priority and take care of your body, mind and soul, you cannot help but radiate authentically the true you, and become a glowing expression of your true self, inside and out 

Your inner bliss effects others who are attracted to your happiness and you able to have better relationships and live life from a place of joy.

Explore this website and read some of the articles or if you need, contact me to ask questions or just chat.

Please use either the Contact Me box or the Contact Via Voice Mail box to the right hand side of this website 

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