Green Smoothies The Ultimate Health Booster

  Green Smoothies are the best choice of food for health and fitness conscious people as they are healthy, easy and quick and absolutely delicious.   Green Smoothies are very simple to make and are a fantastic powerhouse of energy, an ideal breakfast food when time is short in the mornings and you want something quick, easy to prepare and nutritious for your daily activity. They are also a complete food and are rich in fibre and fresh fruit sugar {Read More}

Is nature and you distant friends? Nature heals your body, mind and soul

Nature can heal and provide for our wellbeing but we seem to have forgotten her. Us humans have living all wrong and we are making ourselves ill and depressed in the process. The problem and cause of this is that most of us live most of each day indoors and we are not designed to live this way. We originated living in nature and survived living off natures resources.  Today, we wake up indoors in a box made of concrete {Read More}

Natures Abundance, your ticket to peace, healing and health

Nature is consistent in her gifts of abundance in all forms. She can calm us, quieten our minds, fill us with the joy of her beauty, her undergrowth is full of living creatures and a maze of woven colour, full of flowers, different coloured green stems, bushes and plants.  Nature ask’s us to empty our thoughts and emotions into her arms, so she can sweep them away.  Nature is full of love, unconditional love for all. There is no judgements, {Read More}

Taking a moment to review your posture for the new year

Entering into a new year most people set new year resolutions and promises to themselves to be healthier, fitter or what ever their major goal is to live  happier fulfilling lives.  But usually most slip back to their previous selfs without making a real positive change in their lifestyle. Why is this?   The main reason is because they have either a negative attitude towards life or damaging limiting thoughts, beliefs, habits or behaviours that are causing resistance towards a {Read More}

Good Health is simple, ignore the media, and focus on synergy

Confused with all the messages out there when it comes to nutrition and health eating? With so much conflicting voices in the health and nutrition world, it’s certainly becoming more and more confusing to know what information on nutrition to take seriously and what to ignore. They all make it seem so complicated when really is just so simple. Lets get back to the basics of good health and healthy eating. Food is more than food Think food as sacred {Read More}

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