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A journey from severe illness to a happy healthy fit woman

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Hello, my name is Jane Manthorpe and everyday I bounce out of bed a happy healthy fit woman woman who lives free from illness and injury.

My sole purpose is to be vulnerable and transparent as I share my journey from a severe stomach illness to achieving the long-last health and well-being I have today. I share with you the challenges and triumphs, lessons learnt and how I now thrive on natures fresh living foods as an athlete in running, living free of regular illness and injury.

I hope that by sharing my story, it will uplift and inspire you to take your health seriously as its so precious, for I learnt that without true health, life is one big mess of stress, injuries and consistent illnesses that can manifest into a big disease of the body that can bring your entire life to halt.

Running is my passion, my love and my joy. It uplifts me, gives me so such happiness and fitness and allows me to explore anywhere my feet will take me.
Jane Manthorpe running off road-happy being fit

Here, where I live in New Zealand, this beautiful countryside gives me freedom to explore the outdoors and fully test my body to the limit of endurance. I love it.

Up over the hill tops, climbing steep mountain passes, jump over and through rivers, through mud and bog, over turn styles and into and across farmers fields and over rocky traverses, all whilst taking in the beauty of the place.

Its just thrilling to feel so fit and healthy and a deep knowing my body is capable of this kind of exercise that gives me a high sense of joy and peace within.

Living off natures fresh living foods has given me that consistent state of health that is free of illness and any disorder in my body. I feel so happy healthy fit and vital.

My body functions perfectly and I feel such pride on how I look and feel inside and out.

To be able to bounce with such energy and vitality everyday I do not take for granted as I have not always been this way.

For 27 years my career was in the Corporate world as a Management Accountant and since I was working long hours and had no time to cook decent meals, I was living off unhealthy processed foods from takeaways restaurants or going out for rich meals in restaurants followed by a few drinks nearly every night, and sometimes partying the night away.

I was sure was living a very unhealthy life and smoked and drank heavily and this eventually took its toll on my body, and my body broke down and gave up.

One of the most important, high-impact experience of my life was when I was overcome with a life changing illness of a overgrowth of bacterial infection in my stomach.

It all started when I contracted Guardia in the first week of a long-haul cycle tour which I carried all the way through a 14 month of shoestring budget travel.

Because I was on a very low shoestring budget and I was in Delhi in India, a place where health treatment was not trusted for fear of picking up other diseases, it was never treated.

On my return from travel, because of the bad health of my stomach due to this Guardia, I developed a severe condition of fungus grow called Candida which started to eat away my insides. I thought deep down that this could be due to the stress of eating an unhealthy diet and also pushing my body to the limit in physically.

Heck I was in such a state

I was allergic to all medications, herbs I tried to solve the condition, and many foods. Every time I ate, no matter what it was I was bent over with pain somewhere in my body mainly in the stomach area.

My state of health was an unbearable trauma of stomach cramps, nausea, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, tingling and pain in my legs, thrush, sore neck and headaches, extremely cold hands and feet, consistently tired, anxious, hungry, and unable to digest anything properly, I could go on.

I had an inkling deep down I was suffering from malnutrition as I looked like one those poor third-world children with extended stomachs and skinny arms and legs because of malnutrition.

Even my parents looking at my pictures, when I was on travel thought I looked pregnant! I sure had some explaining to do when I got home.

This was so deliberating

I was constantly tired as soon as I woke up, and going to work was unbearable. I soon developed into a state of depression and it felt like a prison.

This I guested at the time I was suffering from vitamin/mineral deficiency as I was researching on the internet for symptoms and possible causes of my condition.

At the time of my illness I lived in the UK and I had no trust or confidence in the doctors, as all they gave me, were many possible reasons of why I may be suffering in such a way.

You name it, irritable bowel syndrome, Gastritis, inflammatory Bowel, food intolerances and possible other serious diseases and I went through heaps of tests but with no real result of why I was in such a state.

Feeling so alone in this, as even though my family were around for support they did not understand my condition or really knew how I was suffering as I kept it a secret fear of being silly.

With no-one to turn to who fully understood how I was feeling, I was getting desperate for answer.

I felt no-one was able to help me to find a diet or a way out of this black horrible tunnel of illness I was stuck in.

After numerous visits to many doctors, who could not come up with any solution on how to cure me via medications, drugs and testing, I took my health in my own hands for my own sanity and well-being.

I went as recluse and sat at my computer for days searching desperately for an answer, it must have been months, I can’t remember how long.

Then bingo!

Happy Banana 

I found a Canadian doctor in British Columbia who specialized in my condition. He insisted I did a stool test and I needed to send him a batch of my stools to Canada for testing!

Yuck! I had to find a way of doing this.

I did, and the results came back positive for severe Candida, at a level that could be life treating and I was invested with all sorts of horrible bacteria, worms and parasites.

Boy, was I worried.

But I was out of here and resigned from my stressful corporate job as an accountant in London.

I was on a plane to visit this Canadian doctor at his retreat set in the middle of the British Columbia Mountains in the thick of winter and in bear country.

Nervous, worried but determined, I intended to go through a his intense one month treatment of a total cleanse inside.

This consisted of 1 week of water fasting, 2 weeks of juice fasting, daily vitamins and specialized herbs and also daily colonics.

The intention was to starve the bacterial overgrowth, kill it and finally transition to a raw-living food diet on the 4th week.

It worked.

I left there feeling tremendous and looked so healthy, I was super happy. I was on my way to better health all due to finding holistic ways to naturally cure my condition.

Allowing my body to heal itself, the natural and instinctive way the body knows how, and allowed to regenerate itself anew.

The body can only do this when there is a toxic free environment within.

Today I naturally process the ability to easily focus on being healthy and fit with ease, living a totally healthy lifestyle in all area’s of my life.

Being completely in control of my own health is magical.

Jane Manthorpe raw ultra althlete

Eating solely natures living foods has helped me to connect and have a relationship with my body.

It comes naturally to me to know how to remain free of illness with no effort as I have learnt to go within and enjoy the guidance of inner guide, my intuition on knowing what is good for my body and my health.

Only living on natures fresh living foods has given me this ability.

That lovely feeling of being happy for no reason and the joy of feeling truly healthy, fit and vital is a treasure.

I instinctually know how to remain that way, balanced and connected with mind and body, so much so that I almost take it for granted.

On my journey to health, the most important thing I discovered is that my health and life circumstances are my responsibility and that only I can change it to be positive or continue to allow it to control my life or allow others to know whats best for me.

I discovered that taking my health in my own hands was the only way to get totally cured of my condition.

Doctors have their place but the drug industry is money orientated due to profit on issuing drugs. Drugs only suppress symptoms and I feel that they are not a cure or treat the cause of illness.

Following the natural way of healing has prevented me from allowing the medical health world to drug me and cause me further dis-ease and dis-order in the body, leading to a life of constant fighting to gain good health.

I took on the responsibility to investigate natural ways for the body to heal and did loads of research on different holistic methods of healing the body of dis-ease.

I found the best way for me and pursued it with conviction and won.

This developed into a strong belief and faith within and sense of knowing that I was on the right path to be cured and to get well again, but also keep my health intact.

Experiencing the natural way of healing, the way nature intended for us to heal our bodies, I know I only achieved full health because of this journey.

I live today in total responsibility of my own health and well-being, maintaining my health to a level where I can live a lifestyle where I am constantly oozing in energy and vitality, and sustain a long-term state of health and well-being free of any illness.

Its brilliant to lose the memory of when it was the last time I had a cold, flu or any illness, 16 years I think, I cannot remember.

Living on natures fresh living foods has been the greatest impact on my ability to maintain an energetic healthy body and totally embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Many people have tell me how healthy and young I look which affirms and reassures that this lifestyle truly works to live harmoniously with nature and all her resources, and live consistently free of illness, injury and toxins that cause stress to the body which in turn cause disease.

That is why I started this website to share what I know and inspire, uplift and motivate others to do the same.

Your health is so precious and its the key of fully engaging in being alive and experience life with energy, vitality and passion.

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